Monday, April 18, 2005

Too little, too late.

Fish 9, Nats 4

I don't think this game really surprised anyone. Throw a struggling Ohka out there against Willis, one of the game's hottest pitchers, and you're going to get this result probably 2 out of 3 times.

The thing that made this so tough to watch was that we could have won it anyway. If the Nats had not made some mistakes here and there, they could have limited the damage in the Marlins' big innings -- and then the four runs late in the game might have made it a whole new ballgame.

Castilla, Vidro, Johnson and Sledge got the RBIs for the Nats, but none of them really had a better than average day at the plate. Nothing to be too concerned about, at least not yet.

The guy who really disappointed me was Gary Bennett. Two errors and a passed ball. That's a bad night for a catcher. He did catch a few guys stealing - but one of them was running on a ball Bennett muffed at the plate!

And why in the sweet holy name of Frank Howard is Guzman hitting second in the lineup!?!?!?!? It's like Frank (I'm not callin him F-Robby anymore!) is trying to find ways to kill any possible strength the lineup might have. I'm not going to knock Guzman for hitting .106 - it's happens to the best of us, and he's been sparkling in the field. But any doofus can see he should be hitting in the bottom third of the order.

Good news is, we're still 8-5 and tomorrow is another day. Let's see if Livan can pitch another gem.


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