Sunday, April 17, 2005

OK, I'm hooked.

So I'm sitting in the upper deck at RFK on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Loaiza is pitching OK, good enough to keep us in the game. But the Nats are swinging at EVERYthing! I was thinking of how to write a funny blog entry on the fact we had no patience at the plate. I was going to to excerpt the rule book, stating that there are three strikes, and dammit, we don't have to swing at the first pitch! I was going to rip Nick Johnson for grounding into two double plays.

But then Vidro gets on to start the seventh. Guillen hits a laser to left field. Castilla grounds to third and Vidro gets nailed at home. "Ugh," I'm thinking, "here we go, we'll squander this chance." Guillen and Castilla, first and second, one out.

Then Nick "Da Stick" comes up. He shoots a laser of his own to center field. Guillen waits, hesitates to see if the center fielder will catch it, but Castilla keeps barreling toward second. The ball drops behind the outfielder - and Guillen and Castilla start wheeling around the bases toward home, literally three feet apart. They beat the throw, sliding into the plate, one right after the other. Guillen and Castilla both score, tying the game. They hop up, and jump into a bear hug while walking back to the dugout.

"That does it," I thought. "I'm officially in love with this team."


-I'd love to hear F-Robby's justification for putting a .100+ hitter (Guzman) back into the number two hole in the batting lineup. But I'll give Guzzy a pass tonight; he made a sparkling play in the field in the top of the seventh, turning a double play while holding a runner at third.
-RFK is well on the way to turning into a great home field advantage. Watching the third base seats bounce was a great thrill, and I hope the players loved seeing it too.


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