Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm pissed about this one

Phils 3, Nats 0

Like I said below, why the hell can't we get a consistent effort from the whole team?!

Loaiza was fan-flippin-tastic. 8+ innings, 11 K, 1 R. (EDIT: turns out it was 2 runs due to Wilkerson's fielder's choice, gunning down Lofton at third - he was Loaiza's final runner, but the run still goes to Loaiza due to the FC. You learn something every day!) You certainly can't blame him for the loss, and it's a damn shame such a brilliant effort was wasted.

I'm not going to blame Frankie for leaving Loaiza in the game. Until the 9th, he was cruising. It might have been smart to take him out, but if Loaiza was lifted and we still lost, Frankie would be ripped for not letting Loaiza finish.

Who to blame this on? Maybe I shouldn't be so simplistic and look for one scapegoat. The only person we can't blame for sure is Guzman! He had 2 of the 4 Nats hits! He's out of my doghouse for now. I give him a lot of credit for his interview with Bill Ladson yesterday.

I guess if you need a scapegoat, this one is on the middle of the order; Guillen, Sledge and Castilla. They were just dead offensively.

Another loss that stinks big time. Inconsistency is killing us.

But I'll freely admit that 11-11 is a respectable record for this team, considering the personnel we have.


Anonymous John said...

I don't think there'd be any blame for pulling Loiza out after the 8th. He'd put in a masterpiece of pitching, but he was done, and everyone in the stadium (except apparently Robinson) knew it.

Re: Guzzman he sure does deserve to get out of the doghouse. Not only did he make two hits, but did you see the mad dash & slide that got him there the second time? That's effort.

Biggest contributing factor to why we lost yesterday (imho): Nick's absence.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Rocket1124 said...

great point about NJ's absence.

i wasn't paying as close attention at the end of the game, so Loaiza's stamina or lack thereof escaped my attention. I do still think it was a 50-50 call at best and we just got unlucky.

11:12 AM  

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