Monday, April 25, 2005

Huge win

Got Wilk?

Just a big win yesterday, I can't emphasize that enough. Snapping a three-game losing streak on the road, especially a streak so demoralizing, was a big lift for our boys. Thursday's loss was a heartbreaker, Friday we still could have won, but Saturday was absolutely awful. The team looked worse than Little-Leaguers at some points - what with the dropped pop-ups, grounders through the legs and the free-swinging at the plate.

But yesterday we came up big. Three runs in the first inning opened the floodgates and kept the momentum going.

I'll say it again - 11 runs on 17 hits should be proof enough that the following lineup maximizes our offensive potential:

Wilkerson CF/LF
Johnson 1B
Vidro 2B
Guillen RF
Sledge/Church/Davis LF/CF
Castilla 3B
Schneider/Bennett C
Guzman SS

Is there anyone out there who can draft a restraining order to force Frankie to put this lineup out there every day?

-I couldn't be prouder of the boys for stepping it up. This may not be the most talented team; it might be the least talented in the division. But they showed what they're made of by bouncing back yesterday.
-After two horrendous outings, Horgan was sent down to AAA New Orleans. I can't help but feel bad for Horgan. Frankie essentially hung him out to dry in his last appearance. Chris at Capitol Punishment details this very aptly, as always. Jon Rauch was brought up to take his place, which is an interesting development considering Ohka has been cut from the rotation for the time being.


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