Saturday, April 16, 2005

Give me some of what he's smoking!

Washington 9, Arizona 3

This man is a beast!

Photo: AP

What can you say about Vinny Castilla?! Four RBIs again tonight! Including a home run in the same spot.

And John Patterson pitched a fine game. Seven shutout innings with six strikeouts and only five guys reaching base. He looked real sharp, hitting all the corners of the strike zone. If he can keep this up, I feel real confident about our starting pitching.

It sucks that the relief pitchers struggled though. I really think F-Robby should have got someone besides Ayala up in the pen when we blew the game open in the seventh. Or maybe he should have had both Ayala and someone else - say Eischen - up the entire time.

It seemed like Ayala struggled because it wasn't a high pressure situation. Perhaps he got a little complacent. Whatever it was, it got F-Robby out to the mound to tell him to "Throw fucking strikes!"

And I'm really not pleased that Cordero was brought in for the fourth straight game with a day game tomorrow. In that situation, there probably wasn't much of a choice, but that could come back to bite us in the ass tomorrow.

Some other notes:

-35,000 was the approximate announced attendance tonight. It looked really good on TV; basically full except for some isolated areas in the upper deck along the baselines and big strips of empty seats in the outfield upper deck. Not a bad showing for game two on a chilly night. Hopefully we'll break 40,000 with a day game tomorrow

-Schneider make a heck of a slide at the plate in the seventh inning. I like him a lot - a real scrapper and a good leader.

All in all, very happy that we're 7-4 and winners of three of the first four series. Patterson and Castilla are the players of the game in my book.


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