Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Cardiac Nats

I love this team.

They aren't perfect by any means. Starting pitching has been shaky, our hitters can't work the count, and we can't string together consecutive hits! Things haven't been looking that good in a few recent games. I mean, our losses have been 8-4, 9-0, 8-0, and 11-2.

But these boys are gritty. Down 3-1 after being owned by Timmy Hudson for eight innings, Jose Vidro started the ninth with -- of all things -- a walk! He worked the count! Another walk, a hit and a sac-fly later, the stage is set for the catcher, hitting in the eighth slot. Brian Schneider got around on Danny Kolb's heater and dropped it into right-center for a go-ahead double.

I absolutely loved the reaction shots of the Nats dugout during Schneider's double. These guys are pumped and excited. Jose Guillen in the middle of it all really caught my eye. I think he's going have a monster year.

These guys may not hit .500. But I think they're a closeknit bunch of guys, which is probably due to all the crap they put up with in Montreal. I think they'll be a blast to watch.


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