Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Beautiful, Day!

Washington 2, Atlanta 0

Zach Day came up clutch for the Nats. Seven innings of three-hit shutout pitching out of a guy who is probably considered the fifth starter right now is huge. Especially after a stretch of games where Ohka and Hernandez get shelled, the bullpen struggled and a pair of relievers hit the DL.

It took him an inning to get comfortable, but once he did, Day had his sinker working - not to mention confidence to make the big pitches when he needed. Let's see if Patterson can keep it going tomorrow vs. Smoltz.

-Heck of a shot by Vidro to drive in the only two runs. He really needs a nickname!
-Guzzy was back in the 2nd hole in the lineup. I'll hold my tongue for now, but Frank had better know what he's doing.
-Sparkling defense tonight, especially by NJ and Guzzy.
-Cordero fell on his tuckus after delivering a pitch tonight. It looked like his foot got caught in the mound. The grounds crew has GOT to fix that mound, before someone else besides Tucker gets hurt.


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